The Trapalides Difference

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The Trapalides Difference

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For over 72 years, Lakis Trapalides & Son has been serving Cyprus, Europe, and the world with an array of fine and creative equipment services for major hotels, restaurants, tourist apartments, cafes and much more. Founded in Limassol, Cyprus in 1945, Trapalides began in a small shop in the center of town. There, they refined the unique business process and high-quality service for which they are known today.

In 1986, the founders of Trapalides used their many years of experience to expand the company to serve clientèle throughout Cyprus. Because Cyprus is a hub of tourism in that part of the world, the company quickly earned a reputation for delivering high-quality hospitality supply services. Numerous tourism and hospitality organizations built their reputations on the high-quality products and services Trapalides delivers. It was in this way that this hospitality supply company became the secret ingredient in the success stories of many tourism and hospitality organizations- many of which are now thriving parts of the business community in Cyprus.

In 1998, the youngest son of the Trapalides family graduated from a major U.S. business university and returned to the family business. He brought with him advanced new business acumen which allowed the company to expand its brand and service to serve many major luxurious European hotels, restaurants, and tourist services.

Today, Trapalides runs a massive and sophisticated distribution center in the bustling heart of Cyprus. There, they carry on the tradition of serving as the secret power behind many of today’s most well-known luxury resorts and service institutions. And Trapalides remains an industry secret… As those in the know will tell you if you want to build a winning hospitality brand and enjoy overnight success, step one is to pick an outstanding and glamorous location, and two; call Trapalides.