Old Furniture & Equipment Increases the Risk of Work Injuries

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Old Furniture & Equipment Increases the Risk of Work Injuries

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What represents one of the biggest costs for modern restaurants and food businesses? One might think rent or supplies, but in reality its having to address the costs of a seriously injured employee. Yet, in most cases, this sort of expense and problem can be entirely avoided.

New operating and storage equipment are fabricated with modern designs specifically shaped for the working restaurant and food business. They are also designed with worker safety in mind as well. That includes far sturdier and stronger joints, rounded corners and edges, easier to clean surfacing that can’t trap contaminants, and durable materials that don’t splinter, crack or break into shards like wood. Old kitchen layouts don’t compare one bit to modern kitchen and facility equipment available today for professional use. And when one considers the cost of treating an injured employee with the cost of simply replacing outdated kitchen or catering equipment, there really isn’t any logical comparison. It just makes good business sense and smarts to work with modern food processing and serving equipment when possible.

If your restaurant or hotel equipment operation needs a serious review and make-over, it’s time to call in Trapalides for help. Their catalog of modern kitchen and food service equipment provides businesses some of the best choices available for function, performance and employee safety in the modern kitchen, restaurant and catering market today. Why continue to take avoidable risks? Play it smart and focus your finances on your business, not medical costs.