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What is the catering furniture that you need for your event?

Catering a successful event means making a holistic impression from front to back. Many people forget that the furniture that you cater on makes a huge impact in how people think about your event! So what kind of catering furniture do you need for your event? Let’s take a look. Tables Depending on the type […]

Tricks For Getting Glassware Sparkly Clean

As a busy caterer with a it’s vitally important to make sure that all the stemware you bring to an event is beautiful and shiny. Your client and their guests all expect stemware to look brand new. But how exactly can you do this, when it’s used by hundreds of people and gets so much […]

How Uniforms Help Brand Your Catering Business

As a catering business, you don’t have the luxury of being able to brand your company like a restaurant. Your services are provided at various client venues and the most you may hope for is to be able to discreetly place a stack of your business cards on a buffet table. But you deserve to […]

Catering for a Business Event

More companies than ever are relying on catered events to bring together clients, vendors and partners. The impression they leave has a huge impact on business in the long term. One of the most important impressions that you leave has to do with the catering. People may remember bad music, but at least they can […]