Tricks For Getting Glassware Sparkly Clean

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Tricks For Getting Glassware Sparkly Clean

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As a busy caterer with a it’s vitally important to make sure that all the stemware you bring to an event is beautiful and shiny. Your client and their guests all expect stemware to look brand new. But how exactly can you do this, when it’s used by hundreds of people and gets so much wear and tear? Here are tricks for getting glassware sparkly clean after every use.

1. Wash in Soft Water

If possible, install a water softener in the kitchen where you wash all your catering equipment in Cyprus. Water softener appliances can be attached directly to the dishwasher water source. Water softening agents work to remove those hard water stains that you often see after sending a batch of glassware through a dishwasher.

2. Remove Stains With Vinegar

If stemware has red wine stains or stains from lipstick, you might be able to clean them by soaking in a sink of warm vinegar. You can warm the vinegar by immersing the vinegar bottle into a container of hot water. Then fill a small sink or with the warm vinegar and soak the stemware. After about an hour, the stains should have become loose enough to wipe away with a gentle scrubbing motion.

3. Wash With Baking Soda

There’s nothing worse than seeing your clean stemware get cloudy. Your catering clients and their guests won’t like it, either. Cloudy glassware can be successfully cleaned by hand with baking soda. Sprinkle some baking soda on a damp cloth and vigorously rub until the cloudiness dissipates. rinse thoroughly to reveal sparkly, spotless glassware!

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