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The Importance of the Right Catering Equipment in Your Establishment

You have put everything into your establishment – from the decor to the interior design to the choice of fresh ingredients. You want to give your customers the absolute best experience possible. You vet your staff for every detail, ensuring that you only offer jobs to the best of the best. What good is all […]

Does the Right Equipment Make a Difference in My Customer Base?

Regardless of the expertise in your hospitality or food service business, the equipment that you use will make a huge difference in the quality of your product. Even the best employees are limited in what they can do for your clients if they do not have the latest technology to make things happen. Equipment also […]

What is the Difference Between Catering Equipment and Normal Kitchen Equipment?

Finding the right catering equipment is a difficult task. With Trapalides however, you have one of the best catering equipment companies Cyprus has ever seen. With a large selection of items and a huge showroom, you can find the right equipment and learn a little about the difference between normal kitchen equipment and catering equipment. The major difference is […]