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Trapalides offers a wide range of products to help make any event and any restaurant or hotel dining experience simpler and more enjoyable all around. Trapalides carries a wide range of brands that offer a range of items from each. From Abert they offer a range of bar items, buffet items, cutlery, kitchen items, and shelving systems. From Garbaldi they offer bar items and buffet items. From brands like San Jamar, IMS, and Spring, they offer a range of bar items.


They also carry items like bar items, buffet items, kitchen, pastry, and shelving systems from Pujadas and buffet accoutrements from Frilich. Trapalides also carries items for the bar and for service solutions from Sharda as well as bar items and housekeeping and reception items from Henry. If you are looking for items like glasses, plates, and cutlery you can choose from brands like Broggi, Arcoroc, Durobor, and more.

Their wide collection also carries candles from SPAAs as well as catering furniture from Metaxakis and uniforms from Toma. Trapalides carries a wide range of other brands as well as a wide range of items for each and every application you can imagine from bar carts to candles to help make your dining area more inviting and a bit more subdued.

Overall, Trapalides has a wide range of products from a wide range of suppliers so that you can find the perfect item each and every time you step into the clean and well organized showroom. It is important that customers are able to see a wide range of products from a diverse range of sellers so that you can choose what design, quality, and price you want to insure you have the dining or bar space that you want for your guests to remember forever.