4 Essential Items of Personal Protective Equipment for Your Kitchen

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4 Essential Items of Personal Protective Equipment for Your Kitchen

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Having the right decorative items, serving equipment, cutlery and dishware are all important when it comes to properly outfitting your hospitality business whether it’s a hotel or restaurant. But an equally important part of your catering equipment collection is personal protective equipment for your kitchen staff.

Kitchens can be particularly hazardous places, especially in the demanding and fast-paced hospitality industry. So it is important that you supply your kitchen staff with all of the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) they will need to do their jobs safely, and efficiently while maintaining your high standards of quality.

Here are 4 essential items of PPE that no professional kitchen should be without.

Allergen Cut Resistant Gloves

Many times workers must slice food items for daily prep in a process that can take hours. Using a knife this long in a repetitive fashion poses a high risk of injury and contamination. Prevent costly accidents with these durable protective gloves.


Saf-T-Wrap® Station

This useful piece of kitchen equipment allows chefs and preps to apply a sealed saran wrap covering to unused food without having to risk contaminating various surfaces. The Saf-T-Wrap Station uses a host of settings to apply a sheet of sealed wrap while workers firmly grasp the tray with both hands.


Saf-T-Knife® Station

Store knives safely in a sealed container that functions as conveniently as a wooden knife block, but also offers sanitation and safety. Anti-microbial liquids are poured into the interior, and when storing knives, they are dipped in the sanitizing substance. Reduce wash time and contamination risk with this series of sanitizing knife storage items.



Prevent cross-contamination and reduce loss expenditures by making sure food items are correctly and sufficiently frozen. T-Stick temperature tabs indicate when food is properly frozen with easy to use visual clues. They are disposable and affordable to ensure no cross contamination takes place