You are Judged by Your Presentation

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You are Judged by Your Presentation

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Catering is as much about how the service is delivered as the service itself. It the entire operation looks like a ramshackle outfit with old equipment, questionable procedures and stained uniforms, that impression is going to spread very quickly in a negative manner, regardless of how good the food might be. It takes some out of the world recipes to overcome these kinds of negative impressions, often dooming many otherwise qualified outfits from growing in their catering business and getting new clients. That’s why working with professional equipment and tools is not about just reliability and hygiene; it’s also critical to a business in the eyes of the existing and potential customer.

The impression a good catering outfit shows starts with the minute the operation is unpacking and setting everything up before the event occurs. From clean and sharp linens to mirror stainless steel equipment, caterers are expected to have a professional operation. If your outfit is pulling up and unloading a cartful of old and dented pans, chafing dishes, rusty pots and cracked plastic containers, you’re already losing valuable points. When the guests arrive and see how things are prepared and what they are prepared on, a poor equipment operation is going to get noticed very quickly and avoided in the future. Further, the existing customer is likely to be embarrassed by all the comments and not hire that kind of outfit again.

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