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Trapalides Hotel & Restaurant Supplies

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Finding suppliers that have a wide range of products that are both easy to access and competitively priced can be difficult. Trapalides works to provide hotels, restaurants, and a wide range of buyers with a supply of products that are both varied and that are high quality. With a clean, spacious, and well organized show room you can see just what there is to offer easily. Visit today to see what items are available to make your hotel or restaurant the premier venue in your area.


From the smallest piece of cutlery from companies like Abert and Broggi, to trolleys and shelving systems to keep your space organized, Trapalides has it all. Trapalides Hotel & Restaurant Supplies works to provide customers with every imaginable piece that they need to provide guests with a high quality experience that they are going to remember. Trapalides offers items for your bar like stemware and glasses, to items for buffet, like platters, inserts, and more.

Trapalides also offers a wide range of candles suitable for setting the mood and making any space more inviting. They also offer a wide range of catering furniture, clothes like uniforms, counter service solutions, cutlery, glasses, and more. Trapalides can help provide you with the shelving systems you need to organize your kitchen as well as trolleys and housekeeping solutions to help clear the dining room when meals are done. You can also find pastry items, plates, and tabletop service items to help make every dining experience more special than the last.

Trapalides offers a wide range of items for almost every setting and every service. With a wide range of products for nearly every situation, you are sure to find what you need with Trapalides Hotel & Restaurant Supplies.