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The Market Presentation Edge – Italmodular

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What is the first thing one notices when entering a cafe or side market for a restaurant selling food product to go? After the food it’s the furniture and shelving used to store the food until the customer picks up the product for purchasing. And the quality of the furniture has proven again and again to be a subtle factor in triggering higher purchasing or aversion, sometimes even more so than the product that is placed on that given furniture. Shelving is often thought of as basic placement, but in reality it plays a key visual role on how food product is presented to a customer. When the presentation looks modern, up to date, and even futuristic, it gathers people’s interest and sales go up. If the furniture is shabby, the shelves look old, and there is a hint of less than cleanliness, people avoid the food product even if it’s been guaranteed to be 100 percent healthy and free of any problems.

With Italmodular shelving for your cafe market product, you solve multiple problems in one solution, and your market generates more sales on the natural because of the simply but modern presentation in the design. While space is at a premium for small markets, the modular shape and re-shaping of Italmodular makes it easy for your shop to maximize floor space for traffic and product display, even with odd corners. And because the shelves are designed with a very simple but smart slat design, the shelves can be removed and cleaned easily and reinstalled in no time. Your store will see sales go up on the natural with Italmodular shelves presenting your food product and eye-level and more. And folks will be attracted to your store instead of turned away by it.

At Trapalides you can find the Italmodular shelving system and anything else you will need for your catering business & restaurant/hotel kitchen. Visit our website or our showroom and don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.