The Buffet Catering Equipment Checklist

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The Buffet Catering Equipment Checklist

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If you are starting a buffet restaurant and have not yet purchased your catering equipment, you’ve come to the right place. The following is a general overview of the checklist of equipment you will need to launch your buffet restaurant.

Buffet Equipment

First of all, you will obviously need buffet equipment, or all items to be used for the actual buffet. This includes chafing dishes, silverware, fuel cells, tongs and/or large spoons for serving, sharp knives for carving meat, cutting boards, and napkins, among other things.

Serving Equipment

You will also need serving equipment. This mostly includes items such as serving trays, water pitchers, and bus tubs to name a few. Of course, you could purchase other items, but these are the basics.

Table Settings

This includes everything you will need to set your tables. You will need items such as coffee cups, water glasses, wine glasses, bread plates, dinner plates, salad plates, soup bowls, saucers, and eating utensils.

Coffee/ Beverage Statements

Lastly, make sure your coffee/ beverage station is fully stocked. You will need air-pots for coffee,  decaf backups, and a hot water source. You will also want to grab things such as ice tubs for cold drinks, glasses, and coffee mugs to complete the setup.

Overall, there are plenty of items to be purchased with regards to catering equipment for your buffet. However, this list includes everything you need to get started and get your restaurant up and running ASAP!

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