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Long Term Support

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One of the problems small businesses, restaurants and hotels commonly find themselves in is the curse of finding a really good supplier only to lose the benefits when the same disappears shortly after. It can be extremely frustrating as well as disruptive when the operation is directly affected by the related change. Then the business has to go out and seek a replacement, often under pressure, and settling for lower quality replacements in a pinch. If the items fail when it matters the most, the results can be extremely disrupting, including losing customers and business.

Fortunately, when it comes to catering and kitchen equipment, a food business, restaurant or hotel has no worries when working with Trapalides as their equipment supplier. Trapalides has been operating as an established and well-situated equipment supplier for years, without worries of suddenly disappearing. Customers and clients can plan long-term equipment replacement cycles, renovations, system changes and expansions in their working resources without worrying about a sudden disruption. And this is essential for a smooth operation, because when a business can operate with a quality supplier, that translates to its own product and service to end customers who in turn also respond with additional patronage as well.

If you’re expecting your food or restaurant business to be a long-term venture, then you want to be sure you have partners you can rely on. Trapalides focuses on a long-term platform of service to its customers which has already been tested and proven over time. Why take chances with a fly-by-night alternative? Trapalides is simply the logical answer.