Is Glass Still Viable for a Modern Restaurant?

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Is Glass Still Viable for a Modern Restaurant?

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Given the advance in technology and materials in recent years, particularly in fabricated stock that far more durable and stronger due to design and fiber-weaving, one has to ask if continuing to invest in glassware is still smart for a modern restaurant.

From a practical perspective, glass is simply too fragile and has to be replaced more often if one wants to maintain a particular look and appeal. It scratches, cracks, shatters and generally falls apart faster than other materials. However, because of the traditional feel and look, glassware has still remained a popular “necessity” in table presentation in many restaurants, from fine dining to average family restaurants.

However, if one wants to try alternatives, there are some really amazing substitutes for glassware that are beginning to become hard to tell the difference until you actually hold the stemware or “glassware” in your hand and notice the difference. And, these alternatives are extremely durable, more than paying for the lifetime cost many times over in avoided replacement expenses. For a restaurant or catering outfit looking to maximize equipment investment, the difference between an ongoing replacement of a glassware versus a far more reliable substitute begins to add up over time.

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