Housekeeping’s Number One Tool for Performance

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Housekeeping’s Number One Tool for Performance

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The housekeeping trolley may seem like background noise at first glance, especially to hotel or resort management where it comes across as everyday equipment. However, this rolling container is the workspace for housekeeping staff, and like any work equipment the quality of the tool used can often make a big difference in the performance outcome.

Despite being associated with cleaning that occurs when guests are gone from their rooms trolleys are in fact highly visible to everyone in the facility. Not only do they provide the functional benefit of carrying all the supplies and materials housekeeping staff need to get their job done from one guest room to the next, they can add to efficiency or be its enemy. And that affects the hotel’s bottom line. Further, a messy cart can affect future business by giving the wrong impression to guests.

Housekeeping trolleys need to be highly maneuverable as well as versatile and capable of carrying everything needed for a room cleaning without any additional strain involved. And, the ability to store everything on the cart should be highly organized so it can be accessed quality, easy to manage inventory with, and gives off a professional appearance to guests to happen to be walking by.

The trolley should also not be disruptive. A typical housekeeping setup is likely going to roll a couple hundred pounds of material and tools. The last thing anyone wants is a clattering trolley moving up and down the main hallways, especially if the floors are not carpeted. Safety bumpers also insure the trolley doesn’t get banged up and the hotel room walls are not marked or dented either.

Remember, housekeeping is about maximizing cleaning is the least amount of time possible. So, the trolley design needs to match this goal. Less time means less labor cost per room which equals more profit per day. Trapalides can help with the latest information on trolley selections and more, so call or email for support.