Generating a theme for your catered event

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Generating a theme for your catered event

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Having great food and drink at an event is one thing. But as any expert party planner can tell you, the party is really all about the presentation. How will people remember you? Create a theme. Here are a few best practices from experts in making memories.

Go with the Season

Nature makes the best background when it comes to catered events, even if you are holding the event inside. Make sure that your decor speaks to the season that you are in – bright colors for summer and deeper hues for winter. Your clients will appreciate the timeliness you have put into the occasion!

Challenge the Norm

Bring the decor and the presentation to a new level through original ideas that you may glean from other clients or event planners. You may need to get permission for some ideas that are motivated by religious beliefs or around cultural standards, but the conversation will make your connection with the client that much more personal.

Respect the Standards

Always read your audience. If you understand the type of people who are coming to the event, you will be much better able to respect the standards that they are accustomed to. No matter what the final theme looks like, the success of that theme will always spring from a respect for the standards of the audience. Have as many conversations as you need to with your client to find this standard.

There is nothing better at a catered event than a customized theme that is personally presented through every detail – from placeholders to takeaway gifts to the entertainment. Use the tips above to create an event that no one will forget. Call the dedicated fine dining equipment Cyprus experts at Trapalides for the best equipment money can buy.