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Color coordination and catering

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Catering a successful event is so much more than the food you bring. If you are working for high level clients, they will expect a level of coordination throughout all aspects of your presentation. The visuals will be an important part of this presentation. Let’s take a closer look at how to coordinate colors, especially for events thrown inside.


Believe it or not, the colors you choose have a huge effect on the way that space is perceived in your event. Light colors such as beige, white and light grey tend to expand the perception of a room. They are also known to relax people.

Foodie Colors

Mixing too many light colors with dark colors like blue and purple in your background can actually create a diet suppressant. This is definitely not the effect you want to have if you are catering an event! Stick to a single color scheme for the background, and limit the number of contrasting elements.


Yellow and red are used to excite; green and brown are used to relax. There are many combinations in between. The purpose of your color coordination is not to go for a single emotion. Leave that to fast food restaurants who want people to impulse buy then quickly get up and leave. Your goal, like a painter, is to mix emotions with color in such a way that the individual decides how to feel.

If you have trouble matching colors with each other, use this color wheel for a scientifically proven way to get the psychological response that you want from your audience.

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