Catering Equipment to Make an Impression

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Catering Equipment to Make an Impression

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Creating the perfect look at your event can be a bit intimidating, but the right catering equipment makes a great impression right off the bat.

Whether you are planning for family and friends or a large formal event, keep these best practices in mind for catering equipment in Cyprus.


These are very important items, as they allow the kitchen staff the scale they need to prepare foods for everyone. How practical will it be to wash everything after you are done? What is the capacity of the range or stove that you will be using? Make sure that you have pots and pans that correlate with the event and the space. Invest in pots and pans with non-stick bottoms so that they are easy to clean in the event of an overcooked dish.


As stated above, your range/stove need to coincide with the scale of event that you are throwing. You may have to invest in a heavy duty range in order to accommodate larger parties. You should always prepare for a worst case scenario – that is, having to cook multiple dishes when part of the range is out of commission or in use. Larger events will usually run more smoothly if you have a range with a griddle or prep area.


Your hot foods are hot on the stove, but are your cold foods getting the attention that they deserve? Try investing in a commercial cool room or a fridge with the ability to tune itself to no more than five degrees.

If you need to outsource your catering, the fine dining equipment Cyprus loves is at Trapalides. Make a great impression and keep people coming back for more with the right catering equipment for the occasion.