The Benefits of Stainless Steel in Your Hotel Kitchen

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The Benefits of Stainless Steel in Your Hotel Kitchen

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When you take a look at catering hotel equipment in Cyprus, in the best kitchens in the area you’re going to notice a clear pattern: There’s a lot of stainless steel to be found. You’ll see the same thing on many cooking shows and four star restaurants. Here’s why so much of the best catering equipment companies in Cyprus is made of stainless steel:

It Really Is Stainless

It takes more than a little spill to put a mark in stainless steel. This means that if you spill a little sauce on the countertop while fixing a plate, you can go ahead and leave it for a minute while you serve. Unlike many other surfaces, stainless steel is just about impossible to stain, hence its name.

The Surface Is Sanitary

Stainless steel surfaces are non-porous, meaning that it offers an inhospitable environment for germs and contaminants. You don’t need to do a deep steam clean every single time you chop an onion on a stainless steel surface, a good wipedown should do the trick between uses.

It Just Looks Cool

Stainless steel simply looks great in the kitchen or at the catering station. Stainless steel knives from Broggi and slick countertops, sinks and serving trays lend a modern, sleek, clean look to any kitchen.

Simply put: Stainless steel kitchen products from brands like San Jamar and ICEL are so popular because they offer a sanitary, easy-to-clean surface that is durable, affordable and which improves the look of any kitchen.