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10 Utensils You Must Never Scrimp On

In the hospitality and catering industry, the customer’s experience is everything. That means if the customer sees it, uses it, or tastes something that comes into contact with it- quality is non-negotiable. However, when you’re shopping for foodservice supply items or any equipment for a restaurant, you’re probably working within a tight budget, and need […]

Ethnic Eating Utensils: Tips on how and when to and when not to offer them

When it comes to eating and handling food, every culture has its own rules of etiquette. By adhering to these rules we show that we are civilized, that we are living within a framework of cooperation with those around us. In Europe and in western countries, our cosmopolitan nature brings us into contact with the […]

The Catering Equipment in the Best Hotels

The best hotels know that the devil is in the details when it comes to presenting an image. The grandest chandeliers and the finest furniture does not guarantee a luxury experience if the fine dining equipment being used is not up to par. Here are some suggestions from the best hotels around the world about […]

Why is Catering Equipment so Important for Events?

The experience of an event is much more than its functional parts. The ambience that a guest feels, the theme of the event and even the customer service received will all affect how an attendee feels about the brand that is throwing the event. Every detail must be considered, down to the last fork. Why […]