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You are Judged by Your Presentation

Catering is as much about how the service is delivered as the service itself. It the entire operation looks like a ramshackle outfit with old equipment, questionable procedures and stained uniforms, that impression is going to spread very quickly in a negative manner, regardless of how good the food might be. It takes some out […]

Reinventing Your Catering Business

Quaint, old family look, rustic, simple… these are all terms people give to a facility or a business that uses beat up restaurant equipment, furniture, and tools. Believe it or not, folks are being nice when they use these terms, but it’s not what a business wants if it is looking to grow and take […]

Generating a theme for your catered event

Having great food and drink at an event is one thing. But as any expert party planner can tell you, the party is really all about the presentation. How will people remember you? Create a theme. Here are a few best practices from experts in making memories. Go with the Season Nature makes the best […]

Color coordination and catering

Catering a successful event is so much more than the food you bring. If you are working for high level clients, they will expect a level of coordination throughout all aspects of your presentation. The visuals will be an important part of this presentation. Let’s take a closer look at how to coordinate colors, especially […]