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How Do People See Your Catering Equipment?

What kind of first impression are you making on your clients as soon a your catering company shows up at the event? Keep in mind that your first impression happens before anyone tastes any of your food. You should also know that the way you come in will be the way that people perceive your […]

Giving Your Guests Something to Talk About With Your Catering

Your catering should leave your clients with such a good impression that they talk about you positively long after you leave. This is the way to get repeat business and new customers from the most important form of marketing – word-of-mouth. How do you give your guests something to talk about with your catering? Here […]

How Good Equipment Affects Food Quality

Have you ever heard someone say keep your fruits away from the onions or vegetables? They weren’t just talking about getting things mixed up in the kitchen. All kinds of food, whether it be meat or plant, are constantly off-gassing and leeching flavors into the surrounding area right next to them. And, surfaces in contact […]

Vacation Season Means Tourist Groups of All Sizes

It’s tourist season and that means unpredictable days, floods of tourists at unscheduled times, more demand than a restaurant knows what to do with, and downtimes that don’t coincide with when your business needs them. Nonetheless, that same fluctuation is the lifeblood of your Cyprus business and probably a good portion of the year’s revenue. […]