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Building Your Hotel Into a Dynasty Starts in the Kitchen

Any successful hotelier will tell you that the way to a customer’s heart is through his stomach. If you have a pristine dining experience waiting for him after a hard day of vacationing, your other faults become less important. This is also one of the best ways to expand your business. People will come from […]

Making Your Hotel Dining Experience Stand Out

People are expecting more from their hotels these days than ever before. One look at any review website tells the story: If you have a superior dining experience waiting for your clientele, then you get good reviews. There is something about eating well that helps people to forgive any other bad things that happen. How […]

Old Furniture & Equipment Increases the Risk of Work Injuries

What represents one of the biggest costs for modern restaurants and food businesses? One might think rent or supplies, but in reality its having to address the costs of a seriously injured employee. Yet, in most cases, this sort of expense and problem can be entirely avoided. New operating and storage equipment are fabricated with […]

The Problems With Wood Storage Units Are Many

Wood is not a food business’ friend. Whether it be a grocery store, catering or restaurant, wood is a big a problem for sanitary and hygienic operations. The fact is, wood comes with a lot of chemicals if the surface is prepared or painted. And these veneers or films chip and flake over time, which […]