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Make Your Trade Exhibit Stand Out with Trapalides

Making a winning appearance at trade shows is a great way for a restaurant or hotel to make a big splash in the hospitality industry. Of course, catering and décor are important aspects of both types is service business and here at Trapalides, service, and décor are our specialties. The catering supply specialists at Trapalides […]

Cyprus Leading Hospitality Decore & Supply Provider

In the hospitality business, having the right equipment and supplies is critical for your business process to be productive and profitable. The more quickly and easily you are able to clean an item or prepare it to perform another function, the more time your employees will have to devote to production. As a leading restaurant […]

What a Difference a Showroom can Make

For those that are looking to buy for their restaurant or hotel, Trapalides has the goods for you. The problem with most restaurant supply companies is that frantic, disorganised, and overly packed show rooms make it difficult to find what you need. With too much to look at, you tend to get overwhelmed and are […]

What Items do you Need for your Restaurant?

Restaurants are a fantastic investment and with the right supplies, anyone can have a world class restaurant that is above the rest. So what might you need for your restaurant? Trapalides has everything you could possibly need to make your facility top of the line. Trapalides not only offers a huge range of supplies, they […]

Does Trapalides have What you are Looking for?

To look. Too many suppliers only have one brand or other and limit what you can truly do to expand and elevate your restaurant or hotel. Trapalides Hotel & Restaurant Supplies has a wide range of items in a large array of categories with more brands than you can imagine. A great example of the […]

What we offer

Trapalides offers a wide range of products to help make any event and any restaurant or hotel dining experience simpler and more enjoyable all around. Trapalides carries a wide range of brands that offer a range of items from each. From Abert they offer a range of bar items, buffet items, cutlery, kitchen items, and […]

Trapalides Hotel & Restaurant Supplies

Finding suppliers that have a wide range of products that are both easy to access and competitively priced can be difficult. Trapalides works to provide hotels, restaurants, and a wide range of buyers with a supply of products that are both varied and that are high quality. With a clean, spacious, and well organized show […]

Importance of quality cutlery

To save money, but cutlery is not an area where you should go on the cheap. Your chefs use knives many times a day, and cutlery like this are the tools of their trade. The quality of the cutlery used will have an effect on the food you serve, and will also affect the quality […]

New Product Arrivals

Our New Buffet Melamine Items are available now Q Squared Katalog_2017 Q Squared Katalog_2017 GLASSES Q Squared Katalog_2017 – new 16.3.17