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Ergonomic Dining Makes a Huge Experience Difference

What’s the worst thing that can happen to a dinner guest while eating fine food in a restaurant? Is it the spilled wine? Food that doesn’t taste quite right? How about the decor? None of these are as alarming as one simple factor that impacts the guest personally. Dropping a utensil or tableware because it […]

What Restaurant Equipment Do You Need?

As the owner or manager of a restaurant, finding the best equipment for your restaurant needs is important. A company like Trapalides has a wide selection of items and brands to choose from so that you can find the perfect restaurant items easily and simply. So what types of hotel equipment  might you need? Every great […]

Working With the Right Kitchen Knives

One of the biggest sources of professional injuries in the kitchen is often one of the most preventable as well. Kitchen knives are used everyday to slice and dice food product and prepare amazing dishes. However, a knife is only as good as the metal used to make it as well as the craftsmanship in […]