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The Benefits of Stainless Steel in Your Hotel Kitchen

When you take a look at catering hotel equipment in Cyprus, in the best kitchens in the area you’re going to notice a clear pattern: There’s a lot of stainless steel to be found. You’ll see the same thing on many cooking shows and four star restaurants. Here’s why so much of the best catering equipment […]

Setting the Tone in Hospitality: The Check In

There’s no business quite like the hotel business. Not even a bed and breakfast is quite the same. The allure of a great hotel is something like that of air travel in the 1950s mixed with the feeling of being some kind of international dignitary. It’s quite unique, and it’s no wonder people love to stay […]

The Best Chef’s Secrets Include the Right Tools

If you’ve tried to follow the recipe from a famous chef or a well-reviewed restaurant, you might have been a bit disappointed. Like magicians, the best chefs keep many of the particular techniques they have discovered to themselves. This is how the world’s best chefs distinguish themselves. But what few people realise- what even some […]

5 Items You Didn’t Know You Needed In Your Restaurant’s Kitchen

It’s the little things that make it easier to run a kitchen. If you manage a restaurant, you’ve probably already outfitted it with a walk-in, knives, an oven and so on. Here are five things that just make life easier for the restaurant manager. Allergy-Safe Cutting Boards San Jamar offers a great line of allergy-safe […]