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4 Essential Items of Personal Protective Equipment for Your Kitchen

Having the right decorative items, serving equipment, cutlery and dishware are all important when it comes to properly outfitting your hospitality business whether it’s a hotel or restaurant. But an equally important part of your catering equipment collection is personal protective equipment for your kitchen staff. Kitchens can be particularly hazardous places, especially in the […]

Choosing the Right Dinnerware for Your Restaurant

Choosing the right dinnerware for a successful restaurant or hotel is not the same as setting out dishes at home. Here are some important points to take into account when you purchase these critical items for your hospitality business. Create Ambiance Every good hospitality business begins with a vision. This vision must be consistent throughout […]

Why A Beautiful Kitchen Counts In Your Restaurant

The look of a kitchen is quite important no matter what kind of establishment you’re running. The design of good kitchen equipment puts function before aesthetics, but the very best combine form and function into an attractive package. The question comes down to: Who are you trying to impress? The short answer is: Everyone. When […]

Why Your Restaurant Staff Loves New Equipment

Why is it that your staff gets so excited at new equipment? It’s not like they get to take it home with them, it belongs to the restaurant. But when they walk in to see a new set of knives or any new equipment, it puts a spring in their step for the day. Here’s […]