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Why Equipment Quality Matters

For hotels and resort management keeping operating costs under tight control can make a big difference in a successful season or a dismal year. With labor costs and facility maintenance two of the big expenses to worry about, it’s common to look for ways to save elsewhere. And in hotel equipment it can be easy […]

Housekeeping’s Number One Tool for Performance

The housekeeping trolley may seem like background noise at first glance, especially to hotel or resort management where it comes across as everyday equipment. However, this rolling container is the workspace for housekeeping staff, and like any work equipment the quality of the tool used can often make a big difference in the performance outcome. […]

Make Your Trade Exhibit Stand Out with Trapalides

Making a winning appearance at trade shows is a great way for a restaurant or hotel to make a big splash in the hospitality industry. Of course, catering and décor are important aspects of both types is service business and here at Trapalides, service, and décor are our specialties. The catering supply specialists at Trapalides […]

Cyprus Leading Hospitality Decore & Supply Provider

In the hospitality business, having the right equipment and supplies is critical for your business process to be productive and profitable. The more quickly and easily you are able to clean an item or prepare it to perform another function, the more time your employees will have to devote to production. As a leading restaurant […]