What Equipment Do I Need for On Site Catering?

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What Equipment Do I Need for On Site Catering?

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Your clients in Cyprus expect you to cater their events with a modern level of equipment. Not only does modern equipment help with the efficiency of the project, but it also puts forward a much better image for your company. What equipment do you really need for on site catering?

Insulated Transport

You can’t assume that your client will have refrigeration or heat on site. It is always good to keep your own food properly heated or cooled during transport so that your clients get the best representation of your work possible.


On Site Kitchen Tools

Depending on the bumps that you come across in the road, you may have to reorganize your presentation on site. You may only be able to prepare certain items on site after you transport. In both cases, you should have a set of on site kitchen tools. These tools include mixing bowls, knives, tongs and cutting boards. Leave nothing to chance, even if there is a kitchen on site.

Presentation Tools

Your on site presentation is your first impression, and this is the time you will earn repeat business. You can have great food, but if it is not presented correctly, no one will notice! Create a great impression with matching drink and bread holders, serving utensils, steam tables and sneeze guards. You can create an impression without a branded look, but this is definitely the time to sell yourself with matching equipment if you can get your hands on it.

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