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Battling the Balance of Durability, Costly & Cheap

When it comes to restaurant and catering equipment, restraining operating cost and investing in items that have the longest usable life possible is part of a greater picture of maximizing business profit. However, go too cheap, and the equipment not only doesn’t perform well, it also ends up costing more with too frequent replacements. Go […]

Is Glass Still Viable for a Modern Restaurant?

Given the advance in technology and materials in recent years, particularly in fabricated stock that far more durable and stronger due to design and fiber-weaving, one has to ask if continuing to invest in glassware is still smart for a modern restaurant. From a practical perspective, glass is simply too fragile and has to be […]

Long Term Support

One of the problems small businesses, restaurants and hotels commonly find themselves in is the curse of finding a really good supplier only to lose the benefits when the same disappears shortly after. It can be extremely frustrating as well as disruptive when the operation is directly affected by the related change. Then the business […]

The Advantages of an All Stainless Steel Kitchen

While the kitchen might seem like the area that a restaurant or hotel doesn’t need to invest as much in and can be treated far more utilitarian in practice, in reality the investment of a quality kitchen can pay multiple dividends. And one of the best ways to do this is a conversion over to […]

10 Utensils You Must Never Scrimp On

In the hospitality and catering industry, the customer’s experience is everything. That means if the customer sees it, uses it, or tastes something that comes into contact with it- quality is non-negotiable. However, when you’re shopping for foodservice supply items or any equipment for a restaurant, you’re probably working within a tight budget, and need […]

Ethnic Eating Utensils: Tips on how and when to and when not to offer them

When it comes to eating and handling food, every culture has its own rules of etiquette. By adhering to these rules we show that we are civilized, that we are living within a framework of cooperation with those around us. In Europe and in western countries, our cosmopolitan nature brings us into contact with the […]

The Catering Equipment in the Best Hotels

The best hotels know that the devil is in the details when it comes to presenting an image. The grandest chandeliers and the finest furniture does not guarantee a luxury experience if the fine dining equipment being used is not up to par. Here are some suggestions from the best hotels around the world about […]

Why is Catering Equipment so Important for Events?

The experience of an event is much more than its functional parts. The ambience that a guest feels, the theme of the event and even the customer service received will all affect how an attendee feels about the brand that is throwing the event. Every detail must be considered, down to the last fork. Why […]

You are Judged by Your Presentation

Catering is as much about how the service is delivered as the service itself. It the entire operation looks like a ramshackle outfit with old equipment, questionable procedures and stained uniforms, that impression is going to spread very quickly in a negative manner, regardless of how good the food might be. It takes some out […]

Reinventing Your Catering Business

Quaint, old family look, rustic, simple… these are all terms people give to a facility or a business that uses beat up restaurant equipment, furniture, and tools. Believe it or not, folks are being nice when they use these terms, but it’s not what a business wants if it is looking to grow and take […]

Generating a theme for your catered event

Having great food and drink at an event is one thing. But as any expert party planner can tell you, the party is really all about the presentation. How will people remember you? Create a theme. Here are a few best practices from experts in making memories. Go with the Season Nature makes the best […]

Color coordination and catering

Catering a successful event is so much more than the food you bring. If you are working for high level clients, they will expect a level of coordination throughout all aspects of your presentation. The visuals will be an important part of this presentation. Let’s take a closer look at how to coordinate colors, especially […]

Tips on Upgrading Your Atmosphere

When it comes to achieving success in the hospitality industry, the experience of your guests is everything. Whether you’re running a hotel, restaurant, or catering business- the way your guests FEEL about their experience with your brand must be second to none. But you know this. That’s why you are always looking to make the […]

Top Equipment Brands We Offer

Whether you run a high-class hotel, a five-star restaurant, or a full-service catering business- you need top of the line catering equipment that is guaranteed to impress- because customer experience is everything. But beyond that, you need equipment that works flawlessly, is reliable, beautiful, and lets you do what you do best- serve your patrons. […]

How to impress the client who has seen it all

When you cater to elite clientele, you get people who are harder to impress. These are people who have seen everything before and have the money to spend on any luxury you can imagine. If they choose you, they are telling you that you have what it takes to impress them. This does not mean […]

Creating an impression that helps your word-of-mouth marketing

When it comes to the catering business, word-of-mouth marketing is everything. If you don’t have this in place, all of the advertising in the world will do you no good. So how do you make such an impression at an event that people want to go home and talk about you? Here are some of […]

How Do People See Your Catering Equipment?

What kind of first impression are you making on your clients as soon a your catering company shows up at the event? Keep in mind that your first impression happens before anyone tastes any of your food. You should also know that the way you come in will be the way that people perceive your food. […]

Giving Your Guests Something to Talk About With Your Catering

Your catering should leave your clients with such a good impression that they talk about you positively long after you leave. This is the way to get repeat business and new customers from the most important form of marketing – word-of-mouth. How do you give your guests something to talk about with your catering? Here […]

How Good Equipment Affects Food Quality

Have you ever heard someone say keep your fruits away from the onions or vegetables? They weren’t just talking about getting things mixed up in the kitchen. All kinds of food, whether it be meat or plant, are constantly off-gassing and leeching flavors into the surrounding area right next to them. And, surfaces in contact […]

Vacation Season Means Tourist Groups of All Sizes

It’s tourist season and that means unpredictable days, floods of tourists at unscheduled times, more demand than a restaurant knows what to do with, and downtimes that don’t coincide with when your business needs them. Nonetheless, that same fluctuation is the lifeblood of your Cyprus business and probably a good portion of the year’s revenue. […]

Building Your Hotel Into a Dynasty Starts in the Kitchen

Any successful hotelier will tell you that the way to a customer’s heart is through his stomach. If you have a pristine dining experience waiting for him after a hard day of vacationing, your other faults become less important. This is also one of the best ways to expand your business. People will come from […]

Making Your Hotel Dining Experience Stand Out

People are expecting more from their hotels these days than ever before. One look at any review website tells the story: If you have a superior dining experience waiting for your clientele, then you get good reviews. There is something about eating well that helps people to forgive any other bad things that happen. How […]

Old Furniture & Equipment Increases the Risk of Work Injuries

What represents one of the biggest costs for modern restaurants and food businesses? One might think rent or supplies, but in reality its having to address the costs of a seriously injured employee. Yet, in most cases, this sort of expense and problem can be entirely avoided. New operating and storage equipment are fabricated with modern designs […]

The Problems With Wood Storage Units Are Many

Wood is not a food business’ friend. Whether it be a grocery store, catering or restaurant, wood is a big a problem for sanitary and hygienic operations. The fact is, wood comes with a lot of chemicals if the surface is prepared or painted. And these veneers or films chip and flake over time, which […]

The Market Presentation Edge – Italmodular

What is the first thing one notices when entering a cafe or side market for a restaurant selling food product to go? After the food it’s the furniture and shelving used to store the food until the customer picks up the product for purchasing. And the quality of the furniture has proven again and again […]

The Magic of Cambro Shelving – Cambro Shelving Revolutionizes Your Restaurant Backroom

Space and adequate shelving are the most unsung critical design element for the backroom of a successful restaurant. Where does all the food stock go? How about supplies, table linens and materials, what about the dry food to keep it off the floor and similar? Shelving will continue to be a must in a functional […]

Why Do You Need the Best Catering Equipment?

Isn’t catering all about the food? Yes and no. If you are a caterer known to bring great food to an event, then you will more than likely be asked back for the majority of your clients. However, if you want to be and that truly elite space that only the top catering companies circulated […]

Should You Match Your Fine Dining Equipment Brand Top to Bottom?

When you are trying to throw a truly top caliber event, every little detail counts. As you know, one of the most important aspects of your presentation is the fine dining equipment that you use to lay forth your food and beverage offerings. This can make all the difference in how people remember the actual food […]

How Should a Catering Company Cater to YOU?

The companies with the catering equipment also bring other advantages to the table. You need to know how to pick the catering company that caters to you and your needs. Why? If something goes wrong, you need to know that someone has your back. This is the way that the best catering companies Cyprus loves […]

The Fine Dining Equipment You Need for a winter event

The fine dining equipment you should chose in the winter months is a lot different from the equipment that makes your summer events pop. This is especially true in the upper echelon of event planning, where every detail is accounted for. Take a look at the dining equipment that you should look for if you […]

What is the catering furniture that you need for your event?

Catering a successful event means making a holistic impression from front to back. Many people forget that the furniture that you cater on makes a huge impact in how people think about your event! So what kind of catering furniture do you need for your event? Let’s take a look. Tables Depending on the type […]

Tricks For Getting Glassware Sparkly Clean

As a busy caterer with a it’s vitally important to make sure that all the stemware you bring to an event is beautiful and shiny. Your client and their guests all expect stemware to look brand new. But how exactly can you do this, when it’s used by hundreds of people and gets so much […]

How Uniforms Help Brand Your Catering Business

As a catering business, you don’t have the luxury of being able to brand your company like a restaurant. Your services are provided at various client venues and the most you may hope for is to be able to discreetly place a stack of your business cards on a buffet table. But you deserve to […]

Catering for a Business Event

More companies than ever are relying on catered events to bring together clients, vendors and partners. The impression they leave has a huge impact on business in the long term. One of the most important impressions that you leave has to do with the catering. People may remember bad music, but at least they can dance […]

Catering Equipment to Use When You Need to Make an Impression

Creating the perfect look at your event can be a bit intimidating, but the right catering equipment makes a great impression right off the bat. Whether you are planning for family and friends or a large formal event, keep these best practices in mind for catering equipment in Cyprus. Pots These are very important items, […]

Renting Vs. Buying: On Why You Should Always Buy Your Catering Equipment

When considering whether to rent or purchase your high-quality catering equipment, there are many factors to be considered. That said, let’s delve into this matter a little further by comparing renting versus buying. Renting On the one hand, while renting your catering equipment may seem like a good option, there are often hidden consequences that […]

The Buffet Catering Equipment Checklist

If you are starting a buffet restaurant and have not yet purchased your catering equipment, you’ve come to the right place. The following is a general overview of the checklist of equipment you will need to launch your buffet restaurant. Buffet Equipment First of all, you will obviously need buffet equipment, or all items to […]

Benefits of High Quality Hotel Equipment

No matter what type of hotel you may have, purchasing premium equipment is a must. Indeed, although the star rating may have some effect on the offered amenities, it should have no bearing on the quality of the equipment used. That said, the following is an overview of the benefits of using high-quality hotel equipment. […]

How to Find the Best Catering Equipment for your Commercial Kitchen

No matter what type of business you may be running, finding the best catering equipment for your hotel kitchen is vital. Do you need some tips on finding the best equipment for your budget? The following is a short list of tips to ensure you do just that. Research In order to determine the best […]

How to Shop for Catering Equipment for your Hotel or Restaurant Kitchen

Are you shopping for high-quality catering equipment for your hotel kitchen? You’ve come to the right place. Check out the following tips and tricks sure to set you in the right direction. Buy Brand New While it might be tempting to buy used equipment, these pieces are often sold ‘as is’, which means you will […]

How to Shop for Commercial Catering Supplies

Shopping for commercial catering supplies can be a tedious task. However, if you take heed to the following tips you will be able to do so without wasting a ton of time and effort. Warranties The first thing you want to do is beware of warranties and how they work. One of the top benefits […]

How to Buy the Best Fine Dining Equpiment for your Budget

Purchasing the best fine dining equipment for your budget can be as easy or as difficult as you make it. By taking heed to the following tips, you will be well on your way to achieving exactly that. Search the Web Before you decide which types of equipment you plan to purchase, you might want […]

Benefits of High Quality Hotel Equipment

No matter what type of hotel you may have, purchasing premium equipment is a must. Indeed, although the star rating may have some effect on the offered amenities, it should have no bearing on the quality of the equipment used. That said, the following is an overview of the benefits of using high-quality hotel equipment. […]

Signs of Premium Hotel Equipment

Searching for premium equipment for your hotel can be an arduous task. Nevertheless, you will have a much better chance of doing so, by paying attention to the following signs. Premium Materials Depending on the type of hotel equipment you are looking for, it can be made from any number of materials. Make sure the […]

4 Tips for Purchasing Premium Hotel Catering Equipment

No matter what type of food you plan to cook in your hotel kitchen, you will need premium catering equipment in order to keep your guests happy. That said, before you go shopping for your kitchen equipment for your hotel, take heed to the following tips. Buy New First of all, it is important to […]

How to Buy Fine Dining Equipment

No matter what type of restaurant you have or what type of food you prepare, purchasing high-quality kitchen equipment is a must. Indeed, secondary only to the method by which the food is prepared, high-quality kitchen equipment can save you tons of time and money. That said, the following is a short guide to help […]

Reasons to Purchase High Quality Hotel Equipment

No matter how big or small your restaurant may be, skimping on the kitchen equipment is not at all advisable. That said, the following is a short list of reasons to invest in high-quality hotel equipment. Service and Warranties Although every case is different, when purchasing higher-end kitchen equipment for your hotel, you should look […]

Things to Consider when purchasing Catering Equipment

Purchasing high-quality catering equipment can be a tough task. Check out the following tips to help you do just that. Considering Long-Term Costs On the flip side, no matter how inexpensive a piece of equipment may be, do take the time to consider the long-term costs before purchasing. While some machines need to be cleaned regularly […]

Top Care & Maintainance Tips for Your Catering Equipment

As the owner or proprietor of a hotel, restaurant, or catering business, you know that your kitchen equipment is a major investment. Just as the kitchen is the heart of every home, so is the gear with which your staff prepares food for your valued customers the heart of your business model. Fortunately, the care […]

Choosing the Right Equipment for Your Brand

If you’re in the service industry, whether it’s hotel hospitality, restauranteering, catering or a related field- one of the most important decisions you can make is what kind of catering equipment to buy for your business. Hotel and restaurant catering equipment needs to be robust and versatile. Choosing the right catering equipment will help you […]

What Equipment Do I Need for On Site Catering?

Your clients in Cyprus expect you to cater their events with a modern level of equipment. Not only does modern equipment help with the efficiency of the project, but it also puts forward a much better image for your company. What equipment do you really need for on site catering? Insulated Transport You can’t assume […]

Why is My Equipment so Important?

When it comes to catering, your equipment is just as important as your staff. You may have the best food on the market with the spiciest seasonings and the best texture but your clientele will never know this if you show up on site with dirty equipment. Think about yourself as a consumer for just a […]

The Importance of the Right Catering Equipment in Your Establishment

You have put everything into your establishment – from the decor to the interior design to the choice of fresh ingredients. You want to give your customers the absolute best experience possible. You vet your staff for every detail, ensuring that you only offer jobs to the best of the best. What good is all […]

Does the Right Equipment Make a Difference in My Customer Base?

Regardless of the expertise in your hospitality or food service business, the equipment that you use will make a huge difference in the quality of your product. Even the best employees are limited in what they can do for your clients if they do not have the latest technology to make things happen. Equipment also […]

What is the Difference Between Catering Equipment and Normal Kitchen Equipment?

Finding the right catering equipment is a difficult task. With Trapalides however, you have one of the best catering equipment companies Cyprus has ever seen. With a large selection of items and a huge showroom, you can find the right equipment and learn a little about the difference between normal kitchen equipment and catering equipment. The major difference is […]

Do You Have Enough Catering Equipment for Your Needs?

Catering is a great business to get into but often not having the right items on hand can make for a very difficult time. For those that are in the catering business, knowing how much equipment you need can mean the difference between having what you need on hand and thus being properly prepared instead […]

Common Catering Equipment Issues

When it comes to finding the best catering equipment Cyprus has to offer it is helpful to understand what some typical issues you may come up against are. The catering business is one that is very competitive and having the best equipment and being prepared for all issues can truly make a difference. So what […]

What is Basic Catering Equipment?

For anyone looking to start a catering company or simply to get the basic catering equipment that they need to keep their business going, knowing what the basic items are is really the best place to start. Basic catering equipment is the essential items that are needed in order to do the job and to […]

Where to find great catering equipment

Catering equipment often means the difference between a successful service and one that is severely lacking. With the right catering equipment you can get a great service that is going to be easy to complete and a joy for everyone involved. So what do you have to do to find the best restaurant equipment Cyprus […]

Trapalides showroom offers best selection

When it comes to hotel and catering equipment, often finding a great show room is going to be the best way to find what you need and to be able to look at items before you purchase. Though you can always purchase from a catalogue or online, there is something special about being able to hold a […]

When is the Right Time to Replace Your Catering Equipment?  

The catering and hotel business is  very fast paced and often we forget that our equipment may need servicing or replacing. Since many of the items needed to be a successful caterer or a successful hotelier are expensive, replacement may not be something that you want to think about. That being said, you need to keep […]

Finding the Best Catering Equipment

Catering supplies are one of the hardest things to get right when you either open your catering or hotel business or are looking to improve and upgrade. There are thousands of catering brands out there but with the right company  you can find the equipment that, not only makes your job easier, but also improves […]

Upgrading Your Kitchen Equipment

The kitchen is the heart and soul of any restaurant or hotel and with the right equipment, it can keep everything pumping and running smoothly for both workers and guests. So what should you look for if you are looking to upgrade your hotel equipment? Trapalides offers a wide range of options to choose from. You want […]

Your Dining Stemware is the First Thing People See

If you want your customers to enjoy their dining experience in full, then your table stemware is just as important as the food, plates and utensils provided to the customer. That’s because before the appetizers, main course and dessert are even seen, the dining experience starts with the choice of drink. Wine, beer and spirits are […]

Ergonomic Dining Makes a Huge Experience Difference

What’s the worst thing that can happen to a dinner guest while eating fine food in a restaurant? Is it the spilled wine? Food that doesn’t taste quite right? How about the decor? None of these are as alarming as one simple factor that impacts the guest personally. Dropping a utensil or tableware because it […]

What Restaurant Equipment Do You Need?

As the owner or manager of a restaurant, finding the best equipment for your restaurant needs is important. A company like Trapalides has a wide selection of items and brands to choose from so that you can find the perfect restaurant items easily and simply. So what types of hotel equipment  might you need? Every great restaurant […]

Working With the Right Kitchen Knives

One of the biggest sources of professional injuries in the kitchen is often one of the most preventable as well. Kitchen knives are used everyday to slice and dice food product and prepare amazing dishes. However, a knife is only as good as the metal used to make it as well as the craftsmanship in […]

Why Stainless Steel Should be Your Kitchen Work Foundation

Why stainless steel for hotel equipment Cyprus kitchen work areas, furniture, workspaces and carts? Plastic is so much cheaper, wood had a vintage feel to it, and hybrids can provide plenty of performance as well as decor and style. The simple fact remains, however, that stainless steel is the safest, easiest to clean, and most […]

Reversing the Effect of Time on Your Tableware

One of the more common issues that creep up on a restaurant or hotel that focuses on ensuring image and quality are kept top notch, is time. Regardless of investment, over time even the best of equipment, tableware, and plateware begin to look dated. And when that happens, it begins to detract from the image of a […]

The Features That Make a Restaurant Stand Out

There is a saying that “the suit makes the man.” In the food servicing and dining industry it is the fine dining equipment that makes the restaurant, assuming the food it is top notch and the highest quality. However, despite the fact that restaurant equipment Cyprus resources are probably the most controllable and problem-preventable factor […]

The Benefits of Stainless Steel in Your Hotel Kitchen

When you take a look at catering hotel equipment in Cyprus, in the best kitchens in the area you’re going to notice a clear pattern: There’s a lot of stainless steel to be found. You’ll see the same thing on many cooking shows and four star restaurants. Here’s why so much of the best catering equipment […]

Setting the Tone in Hospitality: The Check In

There’s no business quite like the hotel business. Not even a bed and breakfast is quite the same. The allure of a great hotel is something like that of air travel in the 1950s mixed with the feeling of being some kind of international dignitary. It’s quite unique, and it’s no wonder people love to stay at […]

The Best Chef’s Secrets Include the Right Tools

If you’ve tried to follow the recipe from a famous chef or a well-reviewed restaurant, you might have been a bit disappointed. Like magicians, the best chefs keep many of the particular techniques they have discovered to themselves. This is how the world’s best chefs distinguish themselves. But what few people realise- what even some […]

5 Items You Didn’t Know You Needed In Your Restaurant’s Kitchen

It’s the little things that make it easier to run a kitchen. If you manage a restaurant, you’ve probably already outfitted it with a walk-in, knives, an oven and so on. Here are five things that just make life easier for the restaurant manager. Allergy-Safe Cutting Boards San Jamar offers a great line of allergy-safe […]

4 Essential Items of Personal Protective Equipment for Your Kitchen

Having the right decorative items, serving equipment, cutlery and dishware are all important when it comes to properly outfitting your hospitality business whether it’s a hotel or restaurant. But an equally important part of your catering equipment collection is personal protective equipment for your kitchen staff. Kitchens can be particularly hazardous places, especially in the […]

Choosing the Right Dinnerware for Your Restaurant

Choosing the right dinnerware for a successful restaurant or hotel is not the same as setting out dishes at home. Here are some important points to take into account when you purchase these critical items for your hospitality business. Create Ambiance Every good hospitality business begins with a vision. This vision must be consistent throughout […]

Why A Beautiful Kitchen Counts In Your Restaurant

The look of a kitchen is quite important no matter what kind of establishment you’re running. The design of good kitchen equipment puts function before aesthetics, but the very best combine form and function into an attractive package. The question comes down to: Who are you trying to impress? The short answer is: Everyone. When the […]

Why Your Restaurant Staff Loves New Equipment

Why is it that your staff gets so excited at new equipment? It’s not like they get to take it home with them, it belongs to the restaurant. But when they walk in to see a new set of knives or any new equipment, it puts a spring in their step for the day. Here’s […]


When it comes to the entertainment and hotel business, having a wide selection can mean the difference between an experience that your guest remembers and one that falls flat. For those that are looking for Cyprus catering equipment and Cyprus hotel equipment, Trapalides has the variety that you need to make every experience one that is truly […]

The Trapalides Difference

For over 72 years, Lakis Trapalides & Son has been serving Cyprus, Europe, and the world with an array of fine and creative equipment services for major hotels, restaurants, tourist apartments, cafes and much more. Founded in Limassol, Cyprus in 1945, Trapalides began in a small shop in the center of town. There, they refined […]

Our Suppliers

Since 1945, Trapalides & Son has served the major hospitality companies of Europe, and the world with an array of fine and creative equipment services. For over 72 years, we have refined the process of providing top quality hospitality equipment to many of the biggest and most luxurious hotels and restaurants in the world. But […]

Is It Necessary to Update Your Kitchen Items Every Season?

When it comes to the catering and hotel business buying new items for your kitchen and dining room can become pricy and overwhelming. For some, knowing if you should change out kitchen equipment and dining room finishes every season to reflect changes in designs can be a difficult task to manage. With the right items […]

Why Equipment Quality Matters

For hotels and resort management keeping operating costs under tight control can make a big difference in a successful season or a dismal year. With labor costs and facility maintenance two of the big expenses to worry about, it’s common to look for ways to save elsewhere. And in hotel equipment it can be easy […]

Housekeeping’s Number One Tool for Performance

The housekeeping trolley may seem like background noise at first glance, especially to hotel or resort management where it comes across as everyday equipment. However, this rolling container is the workspace for housekeeping staff, and like any work equipment the quality of the tool used can often make a big difference in the performance outcome. […]

Make Your Trade Exhibit Stand Out with Trapalides

Making a winning appearance at trade shows is a great way for a restaurant or hotel to make a big splash in the hospitality industry. Of course, catering and décor are important aspects of both types is service business and here at Trapalides, service, and décor are our specialties. The catering supply specialists at Trapalides […]

Cyprus Leading Hospitality Decore & Supply Provider

In the hospitality business, having the right equipment and supplies is critical for your business process to be productive and profitable. The more quickly and easily you are able to clean an item or prepare it to perform another function, the more time your employees will have to devote to production. As a leading restaurant […]

What a Difference a Showroom can Make

For those that are looking to buy for their restaurant or hotel, Trapalides has the goods for you. The problem with most restaurant supply companies is that frantic, disorganised, and overly packed show rooms make it difficult to find what you need. With too much to look at, you tend to get overwhelmed and are […]

What Items do you Need for your Restaurant?

Restaurants are a fantastic investment and with the right supplies, anyone can have a world class restaurant that is above the rest. So what might you need for your restaurant? Trapalides has everything you could possibly need to make your facility top of the line. Trapalides not only offers a huge range of supplies, they […]

Does Trapalides have What you are Looking for?

Finding a good supplier for your restaurant can be exceedingly difficult if you do not know where to look. Too many suppliers only have one brand or other and limit what you can truly do to expand and elevate your restaurant or hotel. Trapalides Hotel & Restaurant Supplies has a wide range of items in […]

What we offer

Trapalides offers a wide range of products to help make any event and any restaurant or hotel dining experience simpler and more enjoyable all around. Trapalides carries a wide range of brands that offer a range of items from each. From Abert they offer a range of bar items, buffet items, cutlery, kitchen items, and […]

Trapalides Hotel & Restaurant Supplies

Finding suppliers that have a wide range of products that are both easy to access and competitively priced can be difficult. Trapalides works to provide hotels, restaurants, and a wide range of buyers with a supply of products that are both varied and that are high quality. With a clean, spacious, and well organized show […]

Importance of quality cutlery

As a restaurant or hotel owner, you are always looking for ways to save money, but cutlery is not an area where you should go on the cheap. Your chefs use knives many times a day, and cutlery like this are the tools of their trade. The quality of the cutlery used will have an […]

New Product Arrivals

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