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Top Equipment Brands We Offer

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Whether you run a high-class hotel, a five-star restaurant, or a full-service catering business- you need top of the line catering equipment that is guaranteed to impress- because customer experience is everything. But beyond that, you need equipment that works flawlessly, is reliable, beautiful, and lets you do what you do best- serve your patrons.

That’s why we carry award winning equipment and supplies from the world’s best catering websites and Europe’s finest hospitality equipment suppliers. Here’s a brief look at some of the fine brands we carry.


A world-class manufacturer of brass cutlery with experience going back nearly a century, Abert is known for using the finest materials and fabrication processes in the industry. Today, they produce far more than cutlery, branching out into professional restaurant equipment of all kinds. They do it all with the same flair and quality that’s made them stand out for the last 80+ years.


Founded in 1945, the Bisetti company has resisted the powerful pull toward machine-manufactured products. They have remained stridently faithful to creating all of their exquisite quality hospitality and kitchen supplies by hand. Made with precision and artistry, your chefs and guests will know it when they handle any of Bisetti’s fine professional food equipment.


Nothing could be more beautiful than a top quality wine glass crafted by a talented artist when it is filled with an exquisite vintage. Bormioli’s wine glasses are handcrafted with generations of expertise and care going into each and every product. With Bormioli, you could almost consider the wine an afterthought.


Here at Trapalides Hotel and Restaurant Supplies in Cyprus, you will find the finest quality in both serving and catering supplies.

We want you to enjoy your experience with the products we carry. We hope to become your go-to source for all your food service and catering needs.