Setting the Tone in Hospitality: The Check In

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Setting the Tone in Hospitality: The Check In

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There’s no business quite like the hotel business. Not even a bed and breakfast is quite the same. The allure of a great hotel is something like that of air travel in the 1950s mixed with the feeling of being some kind of international dignitary. It’s quite unique, and it’s no wonder people love to stay at high-quality hotels.


The two most important things are the quality of the room, of course, and the check-in. During check-in, you set the tone for your guest’s stay. This is when you work your magic. Here are a few important tips to get check-ins right and create the atmosphere that you’re going for.


The 10/4 Rule

Staff should make eye contact with guests at ten feet, and offer them a verbal greeting at four feet.


Don’t Point, Walk

Never use finger pointing to indicate an object or amenity. Simply move near to it and describe it. This creates the feeling that the staff and the establishment are somehow synonymous.


Continuous Smiling

Part of the hotel experience is that guests should feel there is something preternaturally pleasant about your establishment. Staff should maintain a sanguine demeanor at all times.



The environment must be impeccable. It should go without saying. This means you will need to be smart when buying your hotel supply equipment. Decorate well, but leave unencumbered spaces so that cleaning is always quick and efficient. Make sure all of your polished metal equipment such as luggage carts are kept clear of fingerprints.



Guests should be able to find their ways even when front desk staff is not available. Use signs to label things and ensure they do not get lost or have any trouble finding what they are looking for.

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