Why Your Restaurant Staff Loves New Equipment

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Why Your Restaurant Staff Loves New Equipment

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Why is it that your staff gets so excited at new equipment? It’s not like they get to take it home with them, it belongs to the restaurant. But when they walk in to see a new set of knives or any new equipment, it puts a spring in their step for the day. Here’s why:

Prospering Business = Prospering Employees

Just seeing that your employer can spring some new equipment on you sends a positive message: We’re doing alright, so you don’t need to worry about getting laid off or having your hours cut. Some employees approach their work with more of a mercenary mindset than others, but they all like seeing their employers thrive.

It’s Safer and Easier to Use

Simply put: A lot of old, outdated equipment can become dangerous over time, even with proper maintenance. A washing machine door that won’t close easily is a pain in the neck, and old knives full of chips and scratches are an injury waiting to happen.

It’s Shiny

Let’s be honest: There’s just something enchanting about shiny new stuff. It feels good to come into work and see that dingy old fridge replaced with one you can see your reflection in.

Keeping your equipment up to date means that you have a safer, more efficient restaurant, and it sends the right message to your staff. It lets them know that you value your people and that they can go ahead and take pride in the place that they work, because you do, too.