Giving Your Guests Something to Talk About With Your Catering

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Giving Your Guests Something to Talk About With Your Catering

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Your catering should leave your clients with such a good impression that they talk about you positively long after you leave. This is the way to get repeat business and new customers from the most important form of marketing – word-of-mouth.

How do you give your guests something to talk about with your catering? Here are a few tips.

Well Placed Humour

You should not attempt to interject yourself into the social circle that you are catering. However, if you see an opportunity for a bit of light humour, take the risk. No one will remember if you miss one joke (as long as you stop right after that), but everyone will remember if you have a well-placed quip that everyone can enjoy.

Superior Service

Going above and beyond the call of duty is always a great way to win back customers. You are not necessarily called on to be a waitstaff at the events that you cater. However, you if you can help serve an elderly patron or provide some organisation for the children’s table, the decision-makers within the party will definitely remember you for this extra bit of help.

Great Looking Catering Equipment

How does your catering equipment look? Are you serving clients with silverware that is suffering from the wear and tear of past jobs? Take the time to invest in resurfacing or professional cleaning every six months or so. Your clients will appreciate the fact that you are bringing them in a brand-new experience.

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