Your Dining Stemware is the First Thing People See

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Your Dining Stemware is the First Thing People See

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If you want your customers to enjoy their dining experience in full, then your table stemware is just as important as the food, plates and utensils provided to the customer. That’s because before the appetizers, main course and dessert are even seen, the dining experience starts with the choice of drink. Wine, beer and spirits are top choices, especially for evening affairs. As a result, nobody wants to be served in a beaten up, used glass. This is the opportunity for a good first impression, where your drinks are served in sets of stemware which will set the mood for the rest of the night.


Whether it be a romantic date, a family dinner, or a major social group even, everybody is going to raise a glass  before they take a bite of any of the menu’s choices. And that means your stemware will be noticed, considered and judged almost as soon as the customer sits at the table and gets comfortable.

The choices of fine and quality restaurant equipment available from Trapilades are numerous and competitive. Whether it be fine dining equipment, champagne glasses or hardy, reliable beer mugs, your restaurant or hotel staff will be able to find exactly what is needed for your market and dining experience. Choices are available in full sets, mixed selections, and added stock inventory for replacements. And each line, brand and selection is hand-picked by Trapilades for its manufacturing, quality and reliability of performance in a commercial dining setting.

Don’t detract from all the hardwork and fine skill put into your food offerings by serving customers with poor stemware choices. Contact Trapilades today for the best hotel equipment choices in stemware today or for your restaurant.