The Best Chef’s Secrets Include the Right Tools

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The Best Chef’s Secrets Include the Right Tools

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If you’ve tried to follow the recipe from a famous chef or a well-reviewed restaurant, you might have been a bit disappointed. Like magicians, the best chefs keep many of the particular techniques they have discovered to themselves. This is how the world’s best chefs distinguish themselves.

But what few people realise- what even some working chefs fail to completely understand- is that much of how world-class chefs work their magic is by using the right kitchen equipment in a specific way. Here are a few tips that you should keep in mind when ordering your catering equipment and filling out your restaurant supply checklist. These will put you on the right path to discovering some of your own chef’s secrets.

The best chefs cook with high heat

Most casual chefs like to use low heat because they are distracted. But the finest chefs cook with high heat. Using high heat is the only way to cook a steak- and low heat makes vegetables into much.

Use shallots

Shallots are one of the industry’s best-kept secrets. The average restaurant goes through about 20 pounds of shallots every day. They are a variety of garlic that has just a little more of a distinctive flavor.

Make your own stock

It’s so important to make your own stock. Store bought stock is there to keep the average chef out of the big leagues. It isn’t hard to learn if you take the time.

Let meat rest

Give the juices time to settle and redistribute before cutting your meat. Then the flavor will not leach out when cutting.

Make the most of your culinary equipment

The best chefs make the most out of their kitchen equipment. Make sure your chefs have everything they need to do the job and do it right.

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